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DAQ Systems

Ensure that all the following are working. All these are run using the user tbragg

  • mserver: Run on midtig04 with mserver -D in any directory.
  • analyser: Run on midtig04 with ./analyzer in directory ~/sis3302
  • logger: Run on midtig04 with mlogger -D in any directory.
  • front end: Run on lxdaq04 with ./fesis in directory ~/sis3302
  • http service: Run on midtig04 with mhttpd -p 8081 -e tbragg -D in any directory.

To view the spectra you have two options:

  • roody: You need to run this as tigress@midtig04 unfortunately. Once you've logged into that account, roody -H midtig04:9090
  • Adam's awesome stuff: If you want to look at the spectra via Adam's web tools, go to the mhttpd page and click on the Viewer button.

In addition:

Detector Information

Other Items and Thoughts