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Group mailing list: Grsi-users

The mailing list for people interested in all the activities of our group is the Grsi-users group at, hosted on the TRIUMF List Server. Greg will use it to announce the weekly TRIUMF group meetings, and to distribute notes from those meetings. Others may use it as they see fit.


To join, follow this link and enter your info in the "Subscribing" section. Don't use a password that you value, because the list manager is insecure. (You might even get away without setting one at all.) You will receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription. Reply to it within three days. Check your spam directory for this e-mail, as it often appears as spam to many filters.


To unsubscribe from the list, click here, enter your e-mail address and click the Unsubscribe button. You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your de-registration. Reply to it within three days.

Modifications and Passwords

You can also use this link to modify some settings for your account, and to get a reminder of what your password was, if you set it.

Sending a message to the list

To send a message to the entire list, simply send an e-mail to . For now, messages originating from an e-mail on this list will automatically be broadcast without moderation, so be careful before you hit the "Send" button.

Moderators and Administrators

The mailing list is owned by Greg, who also has designated an alternate administrator.

If an e-mail comes from an external source whose e-mail is not already on the mailing list, the message will be held until it is either rejected or approved by one of the moderators. Adam and several others have moderator privileges.

Adminstrators can change the behavior of the list, e.g. assigning moderators & administrators, changing the "automatic approval" status for list members, and so on.

LN2 mailing list

We are moving towards using an alias-based mailing list for LN2 messages. Below are Kel's instructions for setting this up & maintaining it. As it gets properly fleshed out this page will be updated.

Your mail-alias virtual-machine is ready.


It handles mail for "".

Login with your trcomp* credentials. Only members of the group "grsimail" are permitted to login. To see the members of the group, do the following on grsimail or trcomp*:

   getent group grsimail

I will remove myself from the group once you confirm that it's working as you expect.

I created a subversion repository for the aliases so that multiple people will be able to modify them without clashing.

Checking out the aliases from the repository

You only need to do this once.

Login to grsimail.

  svn checkout file:///var/local/svn/grsimail/trunk grsimail

This will create a sub-dir called grsimail (the final argument of the above) in your current working dir. So if you don't want it as a sub-dir of your home-dir, cd to somewhere else first.

The checked-out sub-dir contains three plain-text files.

  • README.txt - a summary of what's in this message
  • Makefile - don't bother to read it
  • aliases - has a description of the format in its comments

Modifying the aliases

Before making any changes you should bring your local copy up-to-date with the central repository. This won't do anything when you are the only one making changes, but when multiple people make changes, this ensures that you have the latest version.

    make update

Edit aliases with whatever text editor you want. Note that grsimail does not have an X11 environment so you can either use an in-terminal editor (vi, emacs-nox, nano ) or you can edit the file on trcomp01 since your home-dir is shared.

Check the status of the repository with:

   make status

An 'M' indicates that a file has been locally modified. A 'C' indicates there is a conflict, ie. someone else has a committed a change to the repository that conflicts with yur changes. Full help on the status is available with "svn status -h".

Commit your changes to the repository with:

   make commit

This will prompt for an (optional) comment which will be added to the subversion log along with your change.

Make your changes active with:

   make install

Other info

You have read access to the system mail log


You can check the status of the mail queue with:


Normally the queue will be empty but if there was an undeliverable message (e.g. the recipients mail-server is down) then the message will remain in the queue for up to five days (standard e-mail protocol).