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Why GRSIGate?

Many TRIUMF computing resources are already restricted to access from within the TRIUMF domain. The tig cluster firewalls will imminently be upgraded to close any remaining off-site access. The existing ways to get access to TRIUMF from offsite have various limitations. grsigate is a solution that meets most if not all of our needs.

What is grsigate is a virtual PC running linux. Most system administration duties, such as security updates, are managed by the TRIUMF IT group. Greg Hackman is authorized to manage users.

When to use

Use grsigate to:

  • log in interactively to tig cluster computers
  • copy data files using SCP, port forwarding, and tunnelling
  • log in to epics computers

How to use

General access

  • If you don't already have an account, request one.
    • See Access.
    • Use passwd to change the password on this account. Do NOT use yppasswd (which you use on the tig cluster).
  • ssh into it
ssh -Y
  • ssh to your final destination (e.g. grsmid00, midtig06, lnfillserv, etc.)
 ssh -Y tiglnxx@lnfillserv

File copying using scp

One way to copy large files is to use scp with port tunnelling.

When you log in to grsigate, there will be a startup message listing a README file with the relevant information on it. Look also in the /opt directory for README.* files.