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Selected documents on these sites can be read from anywhere on the web, but some of them are read-protected. All contributions require password authentication.

Mailing lists

  • To register for the group mailing list, follow the instructions on Mailing Lists.


GRSIGate -- remote access to tig cluster and other TRIUMF computers from offsite

  • Contact Greg Hackman ( for access to GRSIGate.

Wiki & Plone

To become a collaboration author on the Wiki pages:

  • Verify your TRIUMF Identity. This is also called "TRIUMF Secure Access ID", web ID or internal access ID. (This is not the same as your trmail or cluster accounts.) If you do not have one, request one here.
  • Once you have your TRIUMF Secure Access ID, send an e-mail to Greg Hackman requesting access to whichever (or both) the Wiki and Plone. (Note to GH: use this to manage new users on the wiki, this for plone)
  • After that, on Plone you may require further assistance from Greg to enable access to specific folders or classes of files.

Picture Gallery

  • If you are looking for photographs, there is a Picture Gallery hosted on one of the analysis computers.
  • Most thumbnails and many full-size publicity-quality pictures are accessible to the general public.
  • Some of the pictures are intended only for the collaboration's use; these can be accessed only by logging in using one of our "usual" account names and passwords.
  • Self-registration is available if you want to upload pictures.
  • You can access the gallery by webdav using

GRSI Training

TRIUMF offers a series of training course of which some are required as a member of the Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy at ISAC group. The list of all training offered by TRIUMF is here.

The following are mandatory for all GRSI members:

The following are strongly encouraged for TRIUMF long-term employees, including post-doctoral fellows, so that they may take part in and authorize work such as beamline openings:

If you will be working with DESCANT detectors then following, in addition to those mandatory for GRSI members, are required:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Get a fitted respirator
  • Complete a DESCANT orientation with the GRSI technician.

Special tasks may require additional training. Staff in this group have occasionally required training in: