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SPICE is equipped with it's own air cooled 250 Litre turbo molecular pump.

It is an Agilent, TwisTorr 304 FS. Model:X3500-64006
Nominal speed is 1010Hz at 150W power

The controller is a matched an Agilent, TwisTorr 304 FS AG controller.

Turbo Controller

To compliment this turbo SPICE has it's own ion-gauge directly by the turbo and SiLi.
This is not connected to epics but is read off by the SPICE logger Temp./Pressure Logger
As it is connected directly to the SPICE chamber the ion-gauge controller should be connected to a clean 120V outlet.

On The Beamline

When on the beamline the pump connects to epics as SEBT3A:TP5
The turbo is backed by a line leading to beam-dump roughing scroll-pump.
This is connected to the pump through the remote valve SEBT3A:BV5.
The connection of SEBT3A:BV5 tells epics SEBT3A:TP5 is present.
On the controller set the mode to "REMOTE"

The pump is electrically isolated from the SPICE chamber body, ensure the controller is NOT connected to the clean 120V outlets and ensure the pump exhaust does not come into electrical contact with the chamber.

On the from of the turbo pump controller the mode must be changed from "front" to "remote" and the on detect should be set to "interlock" mode and NOT "edge".

EDIT : Dave Morris has made some updates so that the controller now works properly with epics, the below should not be needed.

Due to some incompatibility between our modern controller and outdated there are communication issues.
On the controller set the mode to "REMOTE" and set the low speed to "1009 Hz"
On epics open SEBT3A:TP5 select the low/full speed button to switch to low speed
"Low Speed" should now show yellow and there should be no red, hit "RST" otherwise.

Turbo epics

On The Bench

When operating SPICE in the tig detector lab venting should be done through the vent port on the turbo and roughing through the pump exhaust.

A hand valve should be connected to the exhaust for controlled roughing and an additional valve directly to the roughing pump to protect the turbo pump from scroll pump dust.

The turbo venting port connects to a KF-10 fitting, there is a 50 micron filter (get it the right way around) and then a KF-10 hand-valve which should be connected to dry nitrogen.