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  • Make SpiceMkII
  • Fix SPICE Preamps to remove the 2 types of noise
    • 1) Bursts of large experiment killing pickup
    • 2) Constant small osculations that reduce resolution.
    • Filter on preamp power should be improved, other improvements uncertain.
  • Fix Simulation
    • Collaboration github version is up to date with optimum geometry (Jun 2018): Github
    • Either physics or field map must be corrected to match reality (Measured efficiencies)
    • Attempting to match the spectrum pf beta source may actually be a good idea, as it convolves the entire curve rather than just measuring the efficiency at 1 point
  • Investigate Doppler Correction
    • Latest Analysis suggest that due to ~equally weighted possible paths Doppler Correction is not possible.
    • A full simulation investigation should be attempted and "unfolding" techniques investigated as possible solution.
  • Investigate SiLi Addback
    • Currently "addback" routines in GRSIsort focus on noise rejection.
    • Actual addback events have poor resolution and high energy, possible induced neighbour signal issues.
  • Develop Double Electron Setup
    • Using 1 clover in and the GRIFWAGON in the testing lab
    • Use strict trigger and long source run
    • 207Bi 137Cs
  • Get New S3 Patch Panel
    • The deltaE-E setup currently uses a Frankenstein of cables
    • Currently the 3 guard rings of all S3 detectors used in SPUCE are floating (they should biased or grounded as the segments of their side)
    • The electronics shop made some new panels in September 2017 but left it 6 months till the last minuted and messed up the grounding, many preamps were destroyed.